Kids, Youth, and Families

Jesus loves children. At Salt, we do too.

We have toys available for very young children to play with during the service and we won't mind if they make a bit of noise!

We have a kids programs during the service for children from 1 year of age all the way through till lower high school.

All our kids programs are based on the Bible because we believe that God speaks to all ages in the Scriptures.

All our children's and youth leaders receive Safe Ministry training and have a Working With Children Check. 

Please contact our Children's Worker - Emily Davy  - if you would like to know more about our children's program on or 0408 655 331.

Please contact our Youth Worker - Nathan Batten - if you would like to know more about our youth program

on or 0458 209 096. 

Sunday Kids & Youth 2024

At Salt we love kids and teenagers. We have a range of programmes to cater for all different ages.


For 1 year-olds through to preschool aged children

Start with playtime

Bible story

Prayer & singing

Craft or activity


For school aged children in Kindy through to yr2

Games linked to teaching

Bible teaching usually following the same series as the adults

Craft or activity


For school aged children in yr3 through to yr5

Games linked to teaching

Bible teaching usually following the same series as the adults

Craft or activity


Yrs 6-9 at school

A short game followed by and age appropriate Bible study

and group discussion

Our kids all start in with the adults for the start of church as we sing and pray together and hear about what is happening around our church. We then have a small break while the children go out to their various programs. 

The kids program finishes at 5:20pm each week. If the service finishes before then, please have a cuppa and chat until 5:20pm then collect your children. On the rare occasion that the service finishes after 5:20pm the kids leaders will keep the children with them until the service finishes.


Extra info for children in Tiny Tots & Mini Mites


It is important to us that children feel safe and enjoy coming to kids church. For this reason we offer a slow settling approach, especially for those who are not use to being in care or who often get upset being left with new people. The slow settling approach involves a parent joining the child in the program for a number of weeks, staying with them the whole time, until they feel comfortable in the space and with the people. This takes different amounts of time for different children but often around 6 weeks. Once you feel they are ready to be left on their own in the group, please let the leaders know and we will support them to settle in.


If you are leaving your child with us unattended, we recommend a quick drop-off rather than hanging around. If your child does not settle within a few minutes, we will call you and ask you to come back and try staying with them for a few more weeks before trying again. We will also call you if they need a nappy change or have an accident.

Keeping Kids Safe

We require all our volunteers working with children to complete Safe Ministry Training including a Working With Children Check and Referee Checks. The training looks at building a culture of care and awareness so that we are quick to respond to anything in our environment that might place children or vulnerable adults at risk of harm. 


If you have a safety concern please contact our Children’s Worker, Emily Davy



 For those involved in Children or Youth ministry at Salt

To access the Safe Ministry Training course click HERE. Safe Ministry Training needs to be completed every three years and you will need an up-to-date WWCC number and two referees at the completion of the training. 


There are two courses to complete:

1.    Awareness Course (this one needs to be done first)

2.    Leaders Course and Screening