Ministry is for All God's People

Our pastor isn't a 'one man band' who we hired to do the ministry for the church. God has called all of his people to build the church and to reach out with the love and good news of Jesus. So we believe that church is a team, and that there is a need for many teams to work together within the church. When teams function well everyone has a role to play. 

What role can you play in serving God at Salt Church? Take a look at the ministry teams below. Has God equipped you to serve in one or more of these areas? Has he given you gifts and abilities, wisdom and experience that will help build up others? Are you keen to be more than a passenger at church? Do you have a passion to see things happen that we haven't been able to do as yet? Then get in touch and let us help you find a place in the team.

Welcome Team

God is the welcoming Father—he reaches out to us and takes the initiative to invite us into his family. God has welcomed us by sending his Son to save us, and he now calls us to show his welcome to others. If you are keen to make friends, explain to newcomers what we do around here, introduce people to one another, and help people feel connected into Salt, then we'd love to welcome you onto this team. 

Set up/Pack up Team

We want people to find us at Salt and to be welcomed when they arrive. Every week people set out signs and flags, open the gates, unlock rooms, set up chairs, tables, PA and more. It's a lighter job packing up because we leave things for another group. Do you think you could serve in this team?

Hospitality Team

Every week people stick around after Salt Church. Adults and kids stay to talk, and play, and catch up. To help families feed their kids without having to rush home we provide food and drinks. There's always plenty to keep us going until dinner and we can provide for people with special diets (we have a number of coeliacs and others). There are two ways you can help with hospitality:

  1. Join the hospitality team, getting food and drinks ready, and helping clean up afterwards.
  2. Everyone is welcome to bring some food to share after church (and you are still very welcome if you can't!)

Music/Sound Teams

Music is good for the soul. It can fill our heads and hearts and voices. God has given us song and voice to praise him and to encourage one another. If you play an instrument, hold a tune, or stomp out a rhythm,  and you are keen to serve the community at Salt, then please let us know. 

Do you have an ear for sound, can you drive a mixing desk, join some cables, and don't like feedback (audio feedback, that is)? Consider helping out with our PA and sound management, or being trained so you can. 

Kids Ministry Team

We would love for all of our parents to be a part of our Kids Ministry. But you don't have to be a parent to help with kids. Maybe you're interested, but you're not quite sure what it involves. Perhaps you'd like some training or you're keen to help but not lead in this ministry. Let's explore together what's involved in helping our children grow in their knowledge and love of God. Help make our church a great place for kids and their families to be.

Care Team

Life can be tough some times. Sickness, grief, problems with family, financial difficulties, unemployment, loneliness—sometimes we just need a helping hand. Our care team is about lending a hand, helping people in times of crisis, supporting in prayerful and practical ways. The care team aren't professional carers, but they can lend a hand. If you'd like to be involved, please have a word with the pastor.

Service Team

Church meetings have traditionally been called a service. So what better place to serve than at church? We spend time together listening to God speak as we read the Bible, speaking to God in prayer, growing in our knowledge and love for God as we respond to his message. At Salt we are led each week by a team of people through preaching, Bible reading, and prayer. Speak to the pastor if you would like to be involved or trained to serve in these or other areas.