Easter Services

9.30am Good Friday

9.30am Easter Sunday

If you live in the Port Macquarie, Camden Haven region, then we would love you to join us. But while we are all in COVID lockdown, you can meet with us on line. When you are asked for a  password, type in "salt". We use zoom to connect everyone. If you need help then click here and we will send you an email with details of how to connect online. If you miss either service, you will be able to catch a video of the talks here.

Easter Family Fun Activities

These activities revolve around five short videos. Over eight days, take your children through the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as it happened . You will begin on the Sunday before Easter with the Triumphal Entry. Gather your family and watch the short MP4 video. Then spend 5-8 minutes using The Family Devotion Guide. You can also print out Activity Pages for your children. See below.

Activities and Downloads

Event Schedule

Sunday, April 5Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
Thursday, April 9The Last Supper
Friday, April 10Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection
Sunday, April 12The Emmaus Disciples
Monday, April 13Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

MP4 Videos and Family Devotion Guide

Activity Pages

Click on the links below to print the activity pages. Email Emiy if you don’t have a printer. We would love to post them to you before Easter.

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